Printing Form

This form is for setting up your printing service for your custom GearShade top. The GearShade top prices vary according to the size of the top and the type of Jeep. You will get a total at the bottom of the form. It takes about 5-7 business days to produce the printed top.

Larger files may take some time upload. The max upload is 120MB and must be JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, EPS, SVG or AI. Vector art work is highly recommended! If you would like a full color photo printed, we highly recommend printing on a white mesh top. You must supply a image of at least 300DPI. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A CELL PHONE SCREEN SHOT!

The art work you submit is what will be printed. We do not offer art services. Please make sure your art work is print ready!

Please be advised that printing only black ink for your art/logo is recommended. The inks are semi transparent, so printing blue ink on a yellow top may make it look slightly green … yellow and blue make green. We DO NOT print on black mesh. We WILL NOT cover the entire top with black ink.

With any art/logo that contains “white”, the white will not be printed. The color of the mesh will replace the white, and show through as a non printed area.

Here is a FAQ about printing.