FullShade TJ Instructions

FullShade TJ Instructions


Start by attaching the Clip Lock hook to the center Footmen Loop on your wind shield frame. Then drape the GearShade over the roll bar, towards the rear of the vehicle.





Working backwards from the front, pass a bungee cord through each of the grommet holes. Wrapping the cord around the roll bar and back around the ball. Working your way from the front to the back.




Removal of the Clip Lock


With the clip attached to the Footmen Loop and the GearShade top. Grasp the Clip tongue and push it left or right to unlock it from the locked position.





Like this example.






Grasp the GearShade top and pull it downwards, sliding it off of the Clip Lock tongue.





The GearShade top will “pop” off the Clip Lock. You will not break the clip. When re-attaching it to the vehicle and the GearShade top, make sure to put the tongue in the locked position.