FullShade JL & JLU Instructions

Instructions for the GearShade FullShade JLU Top:

Start by draping the GearShade over the center roll bar. Simply leave it like this while installing the bungees.

The JL GearShade top comes with specially designed bungees. Consisting of a bungee loop and a special clip.


At one front corner of the Jeep. Loop the attached corner bungee cord over and around the outside of the roll cage. Then back UP through the corner grommet hole. Now stretch the bungee and clip it to the open hole in the windshield bar. (See Photos)


Working  backwards from the front, pass the bungee clip through itself. Now attach the clip to the grommet hole, pulling outward. You will hear a “click” when it is ready. It may take a small bit of force to get the clip to click on to the grommet.

Bungee MUST be as pictured above, to keep the mesh at the top of the roll cage.



NOTE: The rear section of the top uses bungee ball cords

Pass a bungee through each reaming grommet hole.

At the rear, stretch the cord around the rear roll bar, past the cross-member, then back to the ball.



To remove the clip from the grommet hole, rotate the clip inwards to the hole. It will unlock, then pull it out.